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Any house that was built before 1978, may contain lead based paint.

VERY HAZARDOUS TO CHILDREN.  Damages the brain and central nerve system; can cause decreased intelligence, reading and learning difficulties, behavioral problems, hyperactivity.  Damage can be irreversible, affecting children throughout their lives.
HAZARDOUS TO PREGNANT WOMEN.  Damage to fetus, Miscarriages, Premature Births, Brain Damage, Low Birth Weight.
 ALSO HAZARDOUS TO WORKERS AND OTHER ADULTS.  Can cause High Blood Pressure, Loss of Sexual drive and/or capability and Physical fatigue, Muscle or Joint Pain., Nerve Disorders, Fertility problems in Men and Women, Digestive Problems, Nerve Disorders, Memory and concentration problems.
Lead exposure causes permanent damage.   
We at Alara Construction, LLC. are Certified to Renovate, Repair or Paint those houses built pre-1978.

Any contracting firm that are not certified by EPA, could face substantial fines, jail time and/or both.

Protect your family only hire trained and certified RRP contractors.

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